REO Offers

All REO properties are sold AS-IS.Submit all offers to If the offer is accepted a TREC contract will be required. All offers with financing MUST include a PRE-APPROVAL LETTER from a DIRECT ENDORSEMENT LENDER showing the loan amount, sales price, and loan type with the loan officers name, phone number, fax, and email address. The approval letter MUST include ALL BUYERS.

If the buyers loan is not 100% financing then you MUST include PROOF of ANY DOWN PAYMENT. ALL cash offers MUST include PROOF of FUNDS for at least the amount of the offer dated within the last 30 DAYS. Upon submitting the offer, please allow 24 hours (except weekends) for an email confirmation of receipt. If you  DO NOT receive an email please call the office at 800-581-1632. In the event of a multiple offer situation, the seller will request highest and best offers within a specified amount of time.

ALL COMMUNICATION MUST BE IN WRITING as we MUST have a record of all correspondence. *Once an offer has been submitted, all email correspondence will be through After an offer has been accepted, you will receive an email with the sellers addendum’s and specific instructions that MUST be READ and FOLLOWED.

These instructions will tell you how to fill our your TREC contract. Here are a few things that you should know and share with your buyer:

The SELLER chooses the title company, NOT NEGOTIABLE. There are NO sellers disclosure, the seller is EXEMPT.No surevey will be provided.There is a  PER DAY PENALTY if closing dates are not met. There is NO agreement for mediation. NO OPTION FEE  a 10 day inspections period is allowed.Commissions are listed on the MLS and are NOT negotiable.

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